45 Elegant Red Ring Diamond Inspirations That Every Women Want

Diamonds are one of the worlds most rare and valued stones. We use diamonds for all kinds of jewelry. The most popular use of diamonds is in diamond rings. This is also, for many people, the first diamond that they purchase.

Diamond rings are traditionally given as engagement rings. They are also becoming more popular in eternity rings and are being used for dress wedding bands and right hand rings.

Diamond stud earrings are classically beautiful and have remained popular for many years. If you are buying diamond rings, then there are some criteria that you should be aware of so that you are getting the most for your money.

Not all diamonds are created equal. There are several things to consider when determining the worth of a diamond. The jewelry industry has regulated how diamonds are judged and valued.

When you are shopping for diamond rings, you need to keep "The Four Cs" in mind. This will help you pick the right diamond at the right price.

Cut, clarity, carat and color are the qualities that you will be looking for.

Cut- The diamonds cut refers to its shape and how it has been cut. The more facets that are present, the more brilliant the stone will appear.

Facets are the flat facings on the stones surface. Some stones are square or rectangle cut and do not have as many facets, but their classic simplicity and clarity can make the diamond as stunning as a multi-faceted brilliant round cut diamond.

Choosing the right cut and shape is purely a personal preference. You will be able to choose between round, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, radiant, princess or heart shaped diamonds.

Clarity- Flawless clarity refers to a diamond that is completely transparent and clear of any cloudiness, discoloration, carbon flecks, cracks, inclusions and faults. Flawless diamonds are very rare and can be one of the most expensive diamonds on the market.

Clarity is categorized by flawless, very very slight (VVS), very slight (VS), and slightly included (SI). Slight flaws can help you to identify your diamond when having it sized or repaired.

Carat- Carats refers to the weight of the diamond. Higher quality diamonds might appear smaller, but weigh more than less perfect diamonds and therefore have more carats. Do not confuse carats with size.

Color- The color of a diamond can range from light yellow to completely clear. Completely clear diamonds are extremely rare and you may not even be able to find one.

A diamonds color value is usually determined by the amount of yellow detectable in the diamond. However, if the color is pink or blue, it can actually increase the value. Red diamonds are the rarest in the world. Diamonds also occur in green, orange and purple.

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