46 Stunning Long And Medium Hairstyle Ideas For Women Over 40

As we get older there are changes to our lives, our lifestyle and our bodies that we did not have to face or consider when we were younger.

When it comes to hairstyles for women over 40 we will often find that we have no choice but to change the way we have our hair cut.

You see the problem is not how we have lived our lives but what the effect of just living has had on our body.

As we age we find the hair follicle starts to degrade making hair fragile, lifeless and prone to thinning.

As we become older our metabolism slows down. Cell regeneration decreases as well and the affect of this is in the pigment of the hair cortex, or middle layer of the hair strand, causing hair to turn white.

You will agree that having long hair with beautiful flowing locks that have turned grey will cost a small fortune each time we book our hairdressing appointment.

Grey hair is very hard to color as the dyes are simply not taken up readily into the hair strand.

So when it comes to haircuts for women over 40 the consideration is the cost to maintain the color of the hair as well as the time it will take in maintenance.

Well, the maintenance side we can handle as long as there is some "me time" in your daily schedule

But, coloring longer hair, well thats a different story and the only way to achieve good long hair color is to pay for it.

You will see that hairstyles for women in their forties often are shorter styled cuts for these very reasons that are unavoidable.

The reason is both budget and the time required to maintain the hair. Short hair will take two applications of serum whereas longer hair will take several bottles, who can afford that!

Medium length hair styles for women over 40 are borderline manageable and often worn by women who have the time to maintain their hair as well as the money to pay for it.

Personally I feel short to medium length hair worn by a woman in her forties is saying they are confident and in a contented place at that point in time of their lives.

Hairstyles for over 40 women basically comes down to personal preference, schedule of daily activities and cost.

Over 40s hairstyles often are worn through necessity rather than choice basically coming down to the fact of individual circumstances.

Haircuts for women in their 40s are by nature short styled cuts that are colored with highlights foiled through the hair.

Short hair style cuts for the forties woman is easy to manage, quick to wash and set, accepted by peers and makes its own fashion statement.

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