48 Popular Ideas For Spring Wedding Dresses 2018

The wonderful British weather can never be predicted and any bride will tell you the one thing they have no control over on their wedding day is whether they have glorious sunshine or black clouds full of lashings of rain.

Everything else can be booked and prepared for as much as you can with the exception of the natural elements.

Choosing to have a wedding in the season of Spring probably comes as very little surprise that it is third in the running of the seasons which engage couples opt to get married in. With Summer firmly taking first place for many years and Autumn taking the second most sought after.

When you think of Spring many couples immediately dismiss the thought, with April being well-known for its showers and March commonly being a blustery month. The image of the day being ruined due to the chaos that the weather can bring can automatically result in those months and the whole season being crossed off the list when setting the date for your wedding day.

Yet when you look at Spring and all the wonder it brings it is in fact a wonderful season for two people to come together as one. Known as the season of rebirth and renewal it is perfect for the new and exciting adventure that newlyweds embark upon.

Butterflies start to appear and birds chirp and sing happily as they get ready to nest, flowers start to bloom with landscapes becoming a wash of colour filled with daffodils, crocuses, tulips and bluebells.

From lambs bleating in the fields to the many animals awaking from hibernation it is the start of a new beginning in the cycle of life and of course in the life of happily married couple.

With Spring being one of the not so popular season in which people opt to get married there will be a wider choice of wedding venues and services for you to select from. As businesses will be less busy you may receive some discount or at least find yourself in a better position to negotiate some!

Once you have set the date for your Spring wedding one of the next big things on your to do list is to track down your dream wedding gown. The large majority of wedding dresses are perfect for a Spring wedding. With many of the strapless and off the shoulder designs being to cold to wear during the winter months whilst heavy satin and fuller skirted wedding dresses too warm for the Summer time.

Ideally you will want to look for a dress that is adaptable, particularly if you are getting married earlier on in the season. If so you may wish to select a wrap, shrug or bolero to stop you from freezing in between the photographs and later on at the evening reception. With splashes of colour imminent in the Spring time after the dreary dark days of winter, you may opt to choose a wedding dress that has some colour.

This could be as dramatic as having a coloured bridal gown be it in a baby pink, yellow or blue, to a sash or ribbon on your dress or simply some coloured threads and beading entwined into the design of the wedding dress itself. Or how about having some shoes with a floral print to express your Spring wedding?

A popular colour theme for a Spring wedding are pastel shades. This can prove to be a difficult colour to wear depending on skin and hair tone so why not let your bridesmaids choose the cut of their dress as a compromise.

Alternatively opt for a variation in the shades of the colour to make it more complimentary to each one of your bridesmaids. Keep the chill factor off your maids too by providing them with a wrap, cardigan or bolero.

Believe it or not it is actually considered lucky to have some rain on your wedding day! Do remember to designate someone to take a large umbrella or two, just in case there are any showers.

Dont worry if you do end up with a bit of wet weather as your love and happiness will outshine any amount of rain. What a perfectly romantic photograph it would make of the two of you cosy underneath a canopy or a large umbrella!

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