35 Gorgeous Spring Night Party Outfits Ideas

Even if you may not know all the celebrities by their outfit, you certainly know them by their face. In some cases, however, their way of dressing is as famous as their head, therefore if you see a meat dress, you'll know that's Lady Gaga or if you see a white suit blinding you with spangles, shiny epaulets and a turned up collar, you'll know that must be Elvis (if you are playing, for instance, 'guess who').

But the fact faces are better known than outfits shouldn't deter you from throwing a themed hen party with your favorite celebrities.

You can just wear masks of them when the outfit is hard to guess, or if that's not the case, as in the examples aforementioned, you can dress like them and wear your own mask (all you have to do is to upload your picture and order a personalized mask!).

But, of course, it would be boring if all of you wore their own masks, so let this touch of reality distinguish only the bride to be. For the rest of you, there are plenty of masks to accessorize your famous outfits with, adding to them a note of welcomed mystery.

After all, there are plenty of celebrities to choose from not only in real life, but in the movies, literature or any other domain you may fancy.

For example, the dress made from the green drape worn by Scarlet O'Hara in 'Gone With the Wind' is as famous as any of Elvis's costumes, therefore if accessorized with a Venetian hand held mask would look not only feminine but also complete the outfit for any perfect masquerade thrown in the honor of a cultured future bride.

If you and the would-be-bride are into dancing, a swans' lake masquerade would be a really special hen party, in which she could play the black swan – wearing a stiff glittering black tutu, sexy sheer tights and a mask with gold sequins and black feathers to match.

Don't worry: there are plenty of fluffy sequined tutus for all of you and all kinds of hot tights to make your legs look gorgeous. And if you'd rather 'keep' your own faces for this famous dance, you can improve them with romantic false lashes and glamorous lipsticks.

Whether you choose famous persons, characters or themes for your hen night, with the right hen party accessories, you'll surely have one to remember!

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