35 Stylish Rainy Day Outfits Ideas for This Spring

The dreaded winter downpours can make dressing fashionable a tricky business. Who wants to wear their favourite suede boots when there's a grey puddle at every turn? With spring still a few months away it's time to embrace the showers with some stylish rainwear.

The Mac Jacket

A 'mac' is a shorthand term of describing a water resistant jacket. They are often thin layers designed to wear over your outer layers such as jumpers and coats. A classic raincoat can be the most practical choice for a rainy day as it's robust and comes in a variety of colour options.

For those wanting a raincoat with a twist try a clear version with some black trimming, this style has the benefit of showing off your outfit underneath. Look for one with a detachable hood so that you can abandon the umbrella on windy days.

A favourite of celebrity Angelina Jolie, the trench coat is another stylish option for rainy days. Thanks to the high-end brand Burberry, the outdated notion that a trench coat is restricted to journalists and detectives is long gone.

Today you'll find they offer a practical and stylish outer layer when rain strikes. Being shower proof they'll help keep the rest of your outfit dry and can be thrown on over both day and night outfits making them useful wardrobe additions.

Water Resistant Boots

Wellington boots, often dubbed rain boots, are durable and the perfect alternative footwear for bad weather. Rainfall is notorious for ruining shoes, which are not designed to withstand water damage. Therefore, waterproof boots that can be wiped clean are a sensible investment.

Fashion brands Melissa & Hunter have revolutionised the rain boot and you can now purchase them in a range of styles, from the classic knee height pair to the ankle boot. For extra comfort you can purchase some wellie socks in a range of patterns that can be slipped on and hooked over the top of your boots to add some character to your outfit.

If it's a cold rainy day then snow boots are an additional functional footwear option. With fur linings, the snow boot is comfortable and warm with the added benefit of being water repellent.

They're particularly useful for long days spent outside, whether it's shopping or spending a day out in the park. You can pair your snow boots with a Mac jacket or a shower proof quilted coat for a cosy and stylish look.

The Jolly Brolly

When the rain starts to pour a handy umbrella can be just the accessory you're looking for. During the winter months a pocket umbrella that can be transported in your handbag is an essential.

Whether it's one that's chic black or one with a cute pattern, umbrellas can add a nice finishing touch to your outfit.

For heavy rainfall try a birdcage dome umbrella, which has a slightly larger frame. This stylish brolly is quick and easy to open and offers excellent coverage to protect your outfit.

The dome like design helps shield you from high winds and the transparent material means you can still easily see where you're going. Look for one that's beautifully detailed so that it lifts your spirits on those cold winter days.

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