36 Awesome Short Dresses Graduation Outfits Ideas

Following fashion trends can influence the popularity and confidence of today's teens. Choosing the right colors, designers, cuts and styles can make the difference between a fun school year and a quiet, boring one. However, knowing when and where to wear the latest styles is part of being a fashionista.

One of the latest fashion trends for teens is short dresses that hang beyond the fingertips when the girl's hands are straight, but relaxed at her sides. While wearing these dresses is not right for every occasion, it does have its time and place and can make a girl feel pretty and feminine. Here are 5 trendy places to wear the latest styles in short dresses.

Parties A birthday is a special event that should be celebrated among family and friends. The most popular way to do this is with a festive party. Fashionistas can find the right sweet sixteen and Quinceanera dresses to wear for this special occasion. Short dresses are the most popular choice, and can make the teen feel like the special person that she is.

Wedding When attending a friend or relative's wedding, it is important to look nice, but not outshine the bride. The time of the wedding usually dictates how formal it will be. Wearing short dresses to a morning or afternoon wedding is appropriate. While evening weddings are traditionally more formal, the growing trend is for women attending to wear short dresses, rather than sophisticated formal attire and long gowns. The invitation should indicate whether it is a black tie event. If it doesn't say one way or the other, assume it is not black tie.

Awards Ceremony Whether it's a local dinner or a nationally televised event, everyone wants to look their best at an awards ceremony. Dressing up with something stylish is not only fashionable, but adds to the excitement of the occasion. Finding the right dress means choosing the right color, fit and tone. The young woman should choose a short dress that's not too short or too showy, and projects elegance and confidence, whether she is the recipient or is there to support a friend or a cause.

Graduation High school graduation is a big step, and should be celebrated with excitement. Wearing a dress under the graduation gown looks nicer from the audience, and adds to the grown-up nature of the special day. Students should find out what color gown they will be wearing before choosing their outfits. Many schools use white. This limits the dress color selection to light tones. Wearing bright colors underneath the flimsy, nearly see-through fabric of the graduation gown looks odd and unattractive from the audience.

Regardless of the occasion, there are always places to wear long and short dresses. Choosing the right fashion statement can make the most of any event, whether it's for a birthday, graduation, awards ceremony or a wedding.

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