36 Classy And Casual Ankle Boots For Women

What a man wears on his feet is a reflection of his personality. Slip-on sandals may reflect a lazy personality while dirty untied sneakers will convey an "I don't care about much" attitude.

Over-all, the type of shoes that a man wears will definitely determine if he will be lucky with women since women tend to judge a man by his choice of footwear.

One of the safer choices for men's footwear are ankle boots since they are trendy while still maintaining a low profile. The shoes will also convey a masculine look without being too aggressive.

Needless to say, women will tend to like men wearing ankle boots since they reflect a macho gentleman appeal.

The shoes are versatile shoes that can be used for a lot of reasons. They can be used for work, for casual affairs or can even be used for formal wear. However, a person who is planning this type of shoes must consider the following:

Type. These are limited mainly for two different uses. One style of ankle boots is designed primarily to be used for formal to casual affairs. These are known as dress boots. The other type of men's ankle boots is engineered for hiking.

These type are made out of durable materials aimed to give hikers added support. It is advisable for a man to have both a dress boot and a hiking boot. However, if he has to choose only one, he should choose the type that he will use more on a regular basis.

Style. These are designed for casual to formal wear differ in style. There are dress ankle boots that have broguing or tiny perforations that add detail to the design. There are dress boots that are plain.

Some boots have laces while others are elastic or zipped up. The choice of style will ultimately depend on the fashion sense of the person buying them.

Size. When choosing an ankle boot, the size should comfortable fit the person's feet and ankles. Ankle shoes that are too lose or too tight may cause cramping and blistering to the wearer.

Before buying a pair, men should know their feet measurement and choose the correct size accordingly. They could ask for a shoe store clerk that can assist them in choosing the right size.

These shoes are well worth the investment since they are durable and comfortable at the same time. Depending on the choice of material and style, ankle boots can stay with you for a long period of time.

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