41 Casual Black Dress Outfits Ideas for Spring

In the world of fashion, as well as in any smart women's wardrobe a little black dress definitely holds a special place. Though flowing fabrics and long gowns with vivacious colors were more in vogue in the recent decade, our little black dress, or LBD, as it is popularly known never lost its significance.

It is still a predominant hue for the fashion conscious sophisticated ladies. It has been a staple and safe bet for any occasion when a woman is confused about what to wear. Even the modern current designers treat this simple elegant concept of little black dress with reverence.

If we ask any woman about their favorite party outfit, the answer would surely be a little black dress. There are reasons galore for the same. The most obvious being, it definitely flatters the figure and gives the slimming effect which everyone would agree.

You can multitask with it which means it can be worn at work with a formal jacket and then changed as party wear for evening or even on a casual hang out with friends. Though it provides one with a slimming effect it is imperative that your little black dress has a perfect fit, good quality and a timeless style.

This would ensure making you look sophisticated as well as sexy. Now it can get boring sometimes to wear the little black dress for many occasions. But rest be assured, there are ways and means to bring your dull outfit to glory. It can be dressed up for parties, weddings or be dressed down for funeral, formal meetings etc.

All one needs to do is to accessorize the little black dress appropriately and differently for different occasions.


It is the most important means to give a new look to your little black dress. Eye catching necklace or earrings ranging from delicate pearls to diamonds or even chunky heavy jewelry and bangles complement the little black dress without any ado.

It also shows your flair for style. Depending on the occasion, the jewelry can be selected. Even brooch gives it that special look for any trendy occasion.


You can change the look by experimenting with shoes which can make your little black dress look completely different. Ranging from high heeled stilettos which go remarkably well with little black dress, to a simple pair of black pumps also suit the outfit.

As black shoes would be boring and predictable on black outfit, going colorful would be a better idea. It will also give that much needed contrast to the outfit.

Bags & Belts

Accessorizing with the right clutch or handbag will definitely add to the glamour factor. Either a simple or fashionable clutch with array of colors goes well with the black outfit. The shoes and bag can be matched or at least complement each other which would definitely make the whole look striking in totality.

Similarly belts give that much needed emphasis and diversion from the black dress. It also can help in changing the look of the dress. Depending upon your body structure the belt can help in hiding the flaws and enhancing the assets.

Hats, scarves and tights

With the above 3 accessories you can definitely create a chic and ultra modern look. Right color and choice can definitely add color to your little black dress.

So go ahead and experiment with different types of hats as well as different material and colors of scarves and tights. As it is a well known fact that every color goes well with black.

So letting the imagination run wild with creative ideas can definitely make the much coveted little black dress more alluring for you time and again.

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