41 Stunning Summer Weekend Outfit Ideas

You know what to wear to the office. You know what to wear when you go out on the town. But you have no idea what to wear on the weekends, other than your frumpy yoga pants and baggy tee. Sound familiar?

It's a common problem that women have to get dressed on the weekend and feel worthy of going out in public, especially once the weather turns warm. The change in clime lends itself to a more casual approach, but if you're already going quite casual then the look can turn sloppy if you're not careful.

It doesn't have be this way. After all, there are about 52 weekends during a year, or approximately 104 days where you will be dressed in your weekend garb. Do you really want to spend almost a third of the year in anything that makes you feel less than worthy? Clothing affects your mood, your image and your self-esteem.

Wearing clothing that does nothing but bring you down is working against you energetically and killing your confidence. If you're taking the time to get dressed, why not make a choice that makes you look your best rather than your worst? With a few swaps and a little style savvy you can turn your stay-at-home-frump into weekend chic. Read on for tips:

1/ Get rid of your big, baggy, ripped or torn tees and sweatshirts. Seriously, how many of these do you really need? I'll allow you to keep one for cozying up at home or painting your bedroom. Otherwise, ditch 'em in place of some nice tops that fit you well and have a bright print or pattern. Just this swap alone will go a long way to making a difference.

2/ Comfort does NOT mean Sloppy. Sure, you want your weekend casual looks to feel great for lounging around the house, running errands or taking the kids to soccer. But you don't ever have to sacrifice style for comfort. With so many options today you can just as easily opt for a pair of shorts in lace instead of nylon or knit pants with a little elegance instead of yoga pants. It means being strategic, but a little planning can go a long way.

3/ Make it fun. When you create an unexpected look such as pairing stripes with lace, or a pretty print top instead of a baggy top, you add an element of fun to your look. Wear things in new and different ways to give your casual look a twist and keep it exciting. This helps you to stay out of a rut and keeps your look from veering down the matronly path. But beware of going too youthful. You definitely want to be age-appropriate, even on the weekends.

4/ Bend your budget. Instead of allocating clothing that's seen better days to the weekends, think again. If you wouldn't wear it to the office or out in public, get rid of it. Then allocate part of your clothing budget to buy things specifically to wear on the weekends. Plan your outfits, create a strategy and see how much fun it can be. You just may find yourself exploring new things just because you want to get out and show off how great you look!

Up leveling your weekend casual look can take you and your life to new heights! When you look great, you feel great – plus, you'll be ready at a moment's notice when a friend calls and wants to get together, or an unexpected visitor arrives. Enjoy!

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