42 Sexy Little Black Dress Ideas Every Women Want

Everyone has heard the old adage that a girl should have a little black dress in her closet. There are many reasons for this. For one, black is a basic colour that works for most any occasion. It can be worn with a string of pearls and some red heels for a dinner party, or dressed up with a colourful scarf and hat for a wedding.

In fact, a black dress is so versatile that not many will realise it's the same dress when worn in different ways. Cheap party dresses in black are a definite must have for any smart girl's wardrobe. Here are a few different styles and ways to wear them to consider before going out and investing in one or two.

Dress Styles

When shopping for cheap party dresses, there are plenty of options. One should base their purchase on the season and their body type.

Mini Dress – Perfect for summer and for those who want to show off their legs. Mini dresses can be form-fitting or feature a flared skirt. They're great for any shape of body including hourglass and pear shaped.

Change it Up

Once a flattering style is chosen, it's time to shop for cheap party dresses in black and get ready to switch them up in several amazing ways. Purchase one or two black dresses in varying styles and try them in the following ways to make a fashionable statement.

Add a Belt

It's amazing what a belt can do for a dress. A thick buckle belt can dress it down a bit and make it more casual for a night out. A thin belt in gold or silver, or even a chain link can add a touch of interest.


A lovely scarf in teal or pink can brighten up the little black dress and make it more lively for a picnic, family outing or outdoor wedding. Pair it with some ankle boots and a casual bag for a fun look.


A blazer can make any black dress extra professional. The best part is that any colour goes with black! One can go with a red blazer to present a serious, I'm here to make things happen type look or go with brown for a casual professional look. A piece of statement jewellry will really make it interesting.


Choose a lace or sparkly vest for over a little black dress and it's instantly perfect for a party or concert. Cheap party dresses in black with dazzling accents like this make it more exciting!


Many tops can be layered over a black dress. A basic t-shirt makes it casual, a turtleneck sweater makes it work in the wintertime, and a button down shirt tied in front is adorable for any occasion.

Add Flowers

Silk flowers pinned to a little black dress can make it cute and fun for a date or special occasion like a wedding or birthday party. Pin one to the waist, neckline or shoulder; have fun with it!

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