43 Casual Chic Outfits Inspiration Ideas for Spring

Women's business suits are likely to never go out of style. Women need something appropriate to wear to work but you also want to keep up with the latest and hottest trends if possible. This spring you will be able to find the traditional, classic pieces we all love along with some new twists that can definitely brighten up your office wardrobe.

Office attire doesn't have to be plain black, there are so many different options and variations to the business suit and we are here to help you break out of your fashion rut!

Let's start with the suit pants. Not every woman is into wearing Elan skirts or perhaps their career doesn't call for that type of attire. Either way, there are many different pant styles to choose from today from boot cut to flare to skinny leg as well as high waist, mid-waist and of course low riders.

Not only is the leg and fit to be considered but the color and fabric as well. Today you may have already discovered that many of the pants on the market today are created with a large amount of spandex within the cotton or fabric.

With this being said, you may love the fitted look or you may be on the hunt for plain cotton pants that just fit and don't have to hug your curves. The variety for dress pants is endless and this gives you the opportunity to create new and exciting looks.

Next on the chic suits for spring list is the Elan International skirt. Elan skirts for women come in a number of different styles including the ever popular pencil skirt, the bubble skirt and the tulip skirt to name a few.

Each of these fashion skirts provides a completely different look but can easily be paired with your favourite suit jacket and instantly become work place acceptable. On the other hand, these same skirts can be dressed up and warn to parties and clubs and create the sexy look we tend to look for from time to time.

This type of versatility is appreciated in fashion because not everyone can afford to have a different skirt for every occasion in their life.

The actual suit jacket itself has undergone some twists this year. For spring, there is nothing better than a cropped jacket to accent your pants or skirt as well as the casual top you choose to wear underneath it all.

Cropped jackets can create the look of a longer torso, make you look taller and leaner and are just plain cute! Whether you choose to wear blouses, tank tops, tunics or t-shirts under your suit jacket, the cropped jacket will definitely be able to pull it altogether.

Get rid of the idea that you are stuck with black and white for the office. Mix bright colored fashion tops with your spring suits and create chic clothing trends that will become contagious throughout your office. Experiment with the style of pants that flatter you most and use them to your advantage this year.

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