44 Best Short Hairstyles Ideas For Fine Hair

There are lots of women who are hesitating in sporting a short hairstyle because they thought it looks unfeminine and manly. But there are short hairstyles that look glamorous and feminine, not to mention low maintenance.

Although short hairstyle will definitely not suit anyone, the key factor is to pick the right hairstyle for your face shape. Just remember to choose wisely, for it will take some time to grow your hair back. So before you go ahead and chop all your hair down, take some things into consideration.

How short are you willing to go? Do you want layers or one-length? Should you show your ears or nape or your jaw line? You can try some computer-imaging program to see what style suits you best or you could look up on to different stylebook for reference.

If you want a more professional, business like style you can go for a sleek bob haircut. This hairstyle goes for an angled ends that frames your face perfectly. The hair at the back is razor cut to show your nape and create a more feminine touch.

If you haven't try short hairstyle before and you're having doubts doing so, you can try these two hairstyles which are not that short. First is the short style with bangs, this one is cut just mid-length with layers that you can for an edgier look.

This also comes with asymmetric bangs to soften high forehead. Another one is the messy haircut that goes for a choppy cut with soft bangs and generally unkempt.

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