44 Casual Date Night Outfit Ideas For Spring

Dinners, parties and candlelit dinner dates are all special occasions where you need to dress nicely. You would never turn up to a formal family occasion dressed in jeans and t-shirt right? You need to think about getting a dress with the right kind of fabric, design, cut, and color.

A dress made of plain or printed fabric with a hemline about one to two inches below the knee is appropriate for garden or afternoon parties. In this case, the material really does not matter: you can choose to wear cotton, silk, or light diaphanous fabrics as long as they are light, so you can move freely.

Pastel-colored clothes express femininity and gentleness, whereas an overly bright color can be overwhelming for the eyes and does not match the mood and the suggested time.

On the other side of the coin, by choosing something too bland you could end up blending in with the furniture, so for example wearing a green outfit for a garden party is not a good idea! .

You are going to be pretty safe with a little black cocktail dress, or an outfit with a neutral-toned top and white skirt.

For an evening party, go to town and look stunning in a red figure-hugger! You can even choose bright colors or big geometric patterns and still get away with it because it is evening.

Think aqua with black and white, or even fluorescent hot pink. Don't forget if you make these choices in the clothing, then mute down the make up.

When dressing for weddings, drop these rules and think more about the actual theme. For example, pinks and pastels are soft and feminine for summer or spring weddings and maybe a dramatic black and metallic bustier with a velvet skirt for a winter or fall wedding. Try not to choose the same color as the bridesmaids, though.

On romantic date nights you should also opt for feminine pastel shades and it's pointless for you to wear a long dress unless you plan on putting on a spectacular show for everyone. Don't dress too flirty – off the shoulder styles are OK, though.

Dressing involves a lot of fashion sense. If you know what to wear at which times then you are not going to make a spectacle out of yourself. In general, soft and feminine for formal and daring and dramatic for dances and other evening events is the way to go.

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