44 Perfect Elevated Outfit Ideas To Copy This Holiday Season

You don't have to be Lady Gaga in a meat dress to have jaws dropping when you enter the room. You can be a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, or a skydiving super spy currently hacking into military computer systems.

No matter how mundane or extraordinary your day-to-day life, it is possible to dress well every day and leave people wanting more when they see you. There are simple tips on how to dress that can elevate your every day dress to absolutely stunning. The three keys are color, fit, and fabric.

Tips on how to dress would be horribly incomplete without first discussing color. Color is often the thing that will make a magazine cover jump off of the stands. Unfortunately for most women the idea that black is slimming has been drilled into their heads, so women don't venture far from the color of black.

Begin incorporating more color into your outfits and watch your face, hair color, and eyes come to life. Don't be surprised if your friends start commenting on the fact that you look happier. Think of colors that you receive most compliments in and start wearing more of those. To get even more advanced, start mixing and matching colors to create a memorable impression.

Fit is the reason we all hate dressing rooms, however it is also the way you can make your body look slimmer and make your clothes look more expensive. A great resource to help in this area is Charla Krupp's book "How to Never Look Fat Again – Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner – Without Dieting".

Learn your problem areas and how to disguise them and start playing up your assets. If you have trouble finding items at stores that fit you properly, buy it one size larger and then take it to a tailor to get it fitted to your body. Don't be scared to buy a larger size, no one sees the tag but you so it is ridiculous to obsess over that number.

What you don't see on most photo shoots is that the clothes are often clamped or pinned to the model from the back to make the perfect fit. The perfect fit will also make you look equally glamorous.

Fabric is where most people drop the ball, so this is one of the best tips on how to dress. The world is filled with fabrics of all types of patterns, colors, and textures, but if you look in your closet now it is probably very monotonous as far as fabric is concerned. Incorporate more playful prints, floral patterns, and geometric shapes to bring more visual interest to your outfit.

Also play up your feminine side by wearing more lace, silks, and satins that will help to soften your look. These feminine fabrics are great options for a date night or when you want to feel like a woman. These fabrics will also make you feel so luxurious that you will be asking for a pool boy to fan you and feed you grapes.

Bringing this level of style to your every day attire is easy. Simply put on an outfit, stand in front of a mirror and go through the checklist. Are the colors compelling? Does it have a body flattering fit? Are you wearing a unique fabric? If you answer yes for each of the items, then you are wearing one fantastic outfit. Use these tips on how to dress and you may even be sued for causing jaw injury to your onlookers.

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