45 Cute Mismatched Outfits Ideas For Women To Try This Year

If you get out and about enough, it is very likely that you have winced more than once in a week because you saw walking and talking fashion disasters around you. Women make fashion mistakes in such alarming numbers that it is, sometimes, a surprise that the fashion world is still thriving.

However, the situation comes into perspective if you only analyze the fact that fashion mistakes are more often a result of negligence and absentmindedness rather than lack of knowledge. Even so, you should be careful of making mistakes resulting from complacency because these can quickly turn into habit.

In order to keep this from happening, all you need to do is periodically go through the most common fashion mistakes to remind yourself of them. Resultantly, the following is a list of the same for your convenience.

1. Accessories overload:

This is very much a teenage fashion mistake. Teenagers have often been noticed to really cherish their accessories which results in them wearing too many of them.

Up until you are a teenager, this can be considered to be cool or cute but when you are a fully grown adult woman then you need to avoid it. If you load yourself too much then it would take away from the subtlety of your look while also destroying the balance.

2. Too much make up:

This is another very common mistake. If you have ever seen a woman that has too much make up on her then you know how hideous a person can look with too much face paint.

In fact, even if you are a natural beauty, you can totally negate it by putting on too much make up. Furthermore, some looks do not even warrant minimal make up and if you cover your face with different things then you risk looking quite unappealing.

3. Color clash:

Many times, in their quest to be different or bold, women tend to try contrasting colors too much. This can, needless to say, lead to not merely a fashion mistake but a fashion disaster. You should know that although certain contrasting colors look good together, too much experimentation can lead you to the fashion jail.

Wearing a balance of colors along with keeping the contrast moderate can help you look good. For example, too much use of black and white contrast will not look good. Similarly, strange combinations like pink and yellow will not look good either. Moderation is the key here.

4. Style mismatch:

Just like a color mismatch can make you look dull instead of bold, so can style clashes. A prime example of this would be a woman who tries to combine traditional dressing with animal prints.

You cannot wear something like an evening gown in animal print because it just does not look good and will never look good. Therefore, be careful of what you are combining and keep your traditional wear and modern outfits apart.

Fashion mistakes can happen to anyone and their prevention primarily depends on you developing a solid sense of what looks good and what does not.

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