47 Gorgeous Rustic Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Wine country is one of the most romantic places you can choose for a wedding. The natural beauty of a vineyard makes a stunning backdrop for a ceremony and reception. There are fantastic vineyards in places like California, Italy, France, and even upstate New York. The best part of course is enjoying the top wines that the vineyard has to offer.

When hosting your wedding in a location with its' own unique beauty, play up the elements that make the place special. So at a vineyard, choose natural decorations, displayed in non-fussy ways. Incorporate details like grapevines, trailing greenery, and fruit into your table d├ęcor and perhaps over an arbor for the ceremony.

Rough hewn, simple containers made from wood, galvanized metals, or hollowed out vegetables would make wonderful vessels. Use elements that emphasize the bounty of the land.

The bride and groom should think about the setting when choosing their attire. Instead of a heavy satin gown and a tuxedo, consider sophisticated but less glitzy styles. The groom at a vineyard wedding would look great in either a suit (a tan linen one would be smashing for a summer wedding), or a blazer and trousers.

The bride should look for a gown with simple lines, like an A-line or a sheath. A gown with texture, such as all-over lace, would look incredible in the naturally beautiful setting of wine country.

For the finishing touches, the bride should also look for accessories and a hairstyle that are not too fussy or stiff. Soft waves in her hair, held back by a handmade pearl comb would be sophisticated and simple. Handcrafted bridal jewelry is the perfect accent for a rustic reception.

Think about keshi or baroque pearls, intertwined with strands of sterling silver. Soft movement always looks right in an outdoor locale, so look for handcrafted bridal jewelry like drop earrings and cluster necklaces.

After the bride, the wine itself is the star of the show at a vineyard wedding. Feature the vineyard's finest vintages, with information about each on the menu cards. A flight of wines, with an appropriate selection served with each course, would be a delightful way to highlight the best of the vineyard's offerings .

Pair the wine with seasonal local cuisine, and you will really have a reception that is enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests. (Just be sure to provide transportation home for everyone!)

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