50 Cute Fitness Fashion Outfits Ideas 2018

There is nothing quite so disheartening than dragging your boomer body out of bed on a crisp cool morning, throwing on a t shirt and an old baggy pair of shorts, pulling on a mismatched pair of socks and beat up old sneakers and heading out for the gym,

only to find yourself surrounded by 20-somethings in their sleek thong-leotards and cropped tops, looking super svelte next to your lumpy body.

It's happened to me more than once. And the whole experience has had a negative impact on my self-esteem, and motivation to exercise. Well, enough of this.

You may have a lumpy body, but that's why you're going to the gym in the first place: to get yourself in better shape. You want to feel good as well as look good. And the fitness center is the best place to start. Here are ten tips for choosing the right fitness clothing. You can look great at the gym.

Finally, and this is not a fashion tip – relax! And congratulate yourself for getting to the gym in the first place. Taking time out for yourself and your health should be a top priority. Too many times we make it the last. Go, have fun and look fabulous doing it.

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