46 Must Have Excellent Trends For You This Summer

Several years ago, the fashion editors began to beat the idea of "Waist Skirt Match with Wide Belt" into our head. Surely, it is vintage and good-looking. But we seem to be limited by these thoughts.

Actually, if you are the fans of fashion show, especially, if you are a fan of Karen Millen Dresses you will see that the waist skirt is began to match with the thin belt in the latest fashion shows. Yep, this collocation is very popular recently.

Hurry up; just renew your idea of the fashion trend. Following are three suggestions for this hot summer season and the cool coming autumn. Let's see what's hot in our fashion designer's mind?

1. Karen Millen Dress When we raising the question that what dresses are suitable for the gentlewomen, you must think of the Karen Millen dresses, yes, Karen Millen is always the symbol of gentle lady. Although there are many bright colors of Karen Millen dress, they can be matched with other clothes or accessories easily.

Actually, wearing the gray check skirt will make you looks older than your real age. So there is a tips for the collocation from the Karen Millen that use the sapphire blue or the peacock green to match with gray check skirt will make you looks like younger than before.

2. Bright Color The fashion designers said that summer is a season which should be covered by all kinds of bright color, otherwise, summer cannot be called summer. So we can know that why there are so many girls and boys like to wear the green or red clothes in the summer.

That means bright color is the permanent color of summer, but how to deal with the very bright color, such as the sapphire green and blue color. Well, where there is problem, there is solution, if you really like the clothes with a too bright color, the best way to make you looks like a little low-profile is to wear a black trousers or a skirt. That will reduce the possibility of making mistakes.

3. Chiffon Clothing Chiffon Dress is the best choice for every girl in the summer since it is thin enough to show out our girl's beautiful figures. So, to learn how to correctly wear the chiffon clothes is a good idea.

Actually, most of the chiffon clothes are pure white or the nude color, actually the nude color is closed to our skin color, so it is not so easy to wear it and you should choose a suitable color for your skin. When wearing the chiffon dress, the key is to wear a bright color belt.

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