50 Must Have This Lovely Spring Outfits

Spring is here and it's time to look good. Sure you can wear stuff from last season, but don't overlook the items on this list. These accessories will help you pull off a brand new look sure to turn heads.

1. Hat: A straw fedora or panama is the perfect addition to any spring or summer outfit. It keeps the sun off you and helps you stay looking cool. Choose colorful ribbons that don't match perfectly, cock it to the side like a rock star, and if you want color choose gray or another subtle tone.

2. Denim: A new pair of jeans is always welcome. Dark is dressy, blue is casual. We still aren't back to light washed denim so if you want lighter, think gray.

3. Espadrilles: This Basque fisherman footwear has returned in a big way. Casual and comfortable, choose your favorite color and relax.

4. Boat Shoes/Loafers: If you want to look a tad more distinguished, a fine pair of boat shoes is a great idea. Go for your favorite color and invest in a nice pair that you'll have forever.

5. Sturhling Watches: The Sturhling Emperor is a fine watch to pair with your spring outfit. Akribos watches are also attractive and classy. These pieces of men's jewelry make a statement with whatever you're wearing and help to define who you are.

6. V-necks: The low neckline allows your body to breathe and they can easily be dressed up for a night out with the above accessories. Save the traditional undershirts for winter and tank tops for after you've developed a paunch.

7. Colorful khakis: Light-colored pants are a nice middle ground between denim and shorts. Show off your funky side with bright colors like teal, blue, red or yellow.

8. Light scarves: For those cool summer nights, a light silk or cotton-blend scarf is practical and fashionable. Wear it loose and enjoy the stares.

9. Pocket Squares: A little color never hurt anyone. Add a splash to your coat pocket and don't be afraid to let it hang out.

10. Shorts: There are plenty of ways to relax fashionably and shorts are perhaps the best. As far as first impressions go it's best to wear some chinos when trying to impress, but beachside a nice colorful pair of shorts can't be beat. As general guidelines, they shouldn't pass farther than the knee and should be no higher than six inches above.

These ten fashion items should get you excited for the change of seasons. When it comes to looking good, it's all about what you feel most comfortable in – whether classic or funky. So when you go shopping this spring, don't worry too much about matching, just have fun.

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